Tryouts ®

Our original, genuine en purely invented POVVI recipes. Here are published also recipes we have got from master chefs during reportages with them.

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Pistachio pinwheel ®

This year I have adapted the traditional recipe for coconut roulade with pistachios & Amaretto. And the result? Irresistibly delicious …

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IMG 02371

Grapefruit truffles

Impressive and more than grapefruit delicacy. A real “MUST HAVE” truffles. Preparation time 90 minutes .. Drying 4 days

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IMG 6990

Snowballs ®

The idea to make these snowballs arose during the process of grillage. Preparation time 20 minutes

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IMG 67932

Elderberry truffles ®

Truffles are due to the dark chocolate and elderberries really healthy. And just as “healthy” is their size. Highly recommended! …

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IMG 3934

Acorn truffles ®

How to surprise your child that is thousands of miles away? I do it with homemade healthy sweets. Although my …

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IMG 12541

Harvest Pear tart

Improvised pear to celebrate the harvest. Preparation time 45 minutes .. Baking 10-15 minutes

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IMG 3665

Raspberry tart

Irresistible combination of shortbread, almond frangipane, sweet vanilla cream and sour taste of fresh raspberries filled with raspberry jelly. Would …

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IMG 343711


A special cake for small party of my dear husband. This time with strawberries. Preparation time 15 + 25 + …

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IMG 3513

Bubble siroop ®

Another excellent POVVI syrup for your health. Never diluted with water, but suitable for tea, soft drinks, ice cream, yogurt, …

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IMG 3675

Bubble jam ®

The first blueberry-elderberry(double bubble) jam on internet ever! Unbelievable taste, magic scent, deep purple color with vanilla touch and healthy …

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IMG 1838

Frangifruit ®

Our hot summer frangipane for beautiful moments with family. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 35 minutes

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IMG 15781

Bessie ®

My little Bessie. Name came from the Dutch “aalbessen”, which here in Belgium means currant bush. Preparation time 20 minutes …

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