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Soup Shavings

Shavings are absolutely The ingredient of Slovak, traditional Christmas soup which we never can miss. But we use this product very soft dough also as a normal pasta in many other dishes, including those for children. And this is how we make it:

Preparation time 20 minutes

INGREDIENTS .. for 4 pers

  • 250 g durum wheat flour
  • 1 egg
  • lukewarm water


Put the flour on the work surface. Make a little whole in the center and add the egg in it. Pour a little water and start to mix everything together from the middle until the dough ready, uniform and stable.

When the dough is ready, grate it as apples and let dry out on a floured work surface powdered with little flour or on a griddle.

After drying, the shavings are easy to store in a box with light cover.


Or you can also cook the shavings immediately after making them and further mix with scrambled eggs. Or use this home made pasta for any kind of soup or even in sweet dishes like pasta with poppy seeds, nuts or jam. The last three are actually the favorite dishes of all Slovak children.

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