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Risotto with chicken hearts

Fantastic, light and delicious dish, suitable as a lunch for work or dinner.

Preparation time 40 minutes

INGREDIENTS .. 4-6 pers

  • 200 g risotto rice
  • 250 g chicken hearts
  • 1 shallot
  • 100 ml cherry or chardonay
  • 750 ml chicken stock
  • 100 g carrot
  • 100 g green peas
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • salt & pepper


Cut the fat side of the hearts, cut them in half and was well under running water and cut each half into two pieces.
Prepare the chicken broth. Fry the chopped shallots in the oil and add four chopped chicken hearts far. Season with salt and pepper and fry until soft. Clean the carrots and cut them into about 3 mm thick rings, add it to the hearts and cook them together for a while.

Now add the washed rice cook ies with the hearts and carrot rings, drain the white wine or sherry. Cherry is stronger and has a deeper flavour and therefore better than ordinary wine. Stir well and wait until the wine is slowly absorbed by the rice.

Now pour some broth – cca. 2 dcl. Stir and let simmer. When the broth evaporates, pour another 2 dl and this procedure is repeated a total of three times until the rice is almost cooked. Now add the frozen peas (or canned) and let it warm up well with the rest. Peas do not need more than 5 minutes before the completion of cooking so that the color and flavour of the peas are not going to be lost. I put them on immediately after picking from the freezer. It is pretty clear and fresh and the risotto operates a nicer color.

In this step, I usually add lime juice. This time I did not give it to the risotto, because the cherry flavour was very strong. So who will make the risotto with Chardoney can add some lime juice. Those who do not cherry or alcohol lust can just avoid from the recipe.

Serve the risotto with parmesan sprinkled on heated plates and a glass of white wine or cider there.

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