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Nougat from Montélimar

Noga, nougat, torrone – everybody knows it’s about the real indulgence, right?
Nougat or nougat is a delicacy. This word comes from Latin nux gatum which means “nut cake. The place Montelimar in France (Provence) was the birthplace of nougat as he is best known in the north of Western Europe. The origin of nougat is much older, into the Byzantine Empire, there are historical traces found. Generally speaking, though knowing all the countries around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East, a variant of nougat, partly because of the presence of nuts and honey.

Preparation time 40 minutes .. Rest time over night

INGREDIENTS .. for 6 slices

  • 200 g honing
  • 250 + 12 g suiker
  • 25 g glucosestroop
  • 85 g water
  • 1 eiwit
  • 350 g geroosterde ongepelde amandelen
  • 25 g pistachenoten


Without a thermometer you can not get started here.

Heat the honey in a heavy saucepan to 125°C. Heat another pan with a thick bottom, the greater amount of sugar, corn syrup and water to 140°C. Beat together the egg whites with the sugar 12 g light. Pour the honey, stirring the protein and finally pour the sugar syrup added. Reduce the speed of the mixer, but remained by knocking five minutes. Preheat the grill pistachios and almonds in the oven and stir with a spatula through the nougat.

Put the nougat into a cake tin lined with greaseproof paper. Allow to stand overnight. Cut the nougat into slices the next day. Wrap each slice in plastic wrap to protect from moisture him.

Noga tastes really delicious soft to bite and a little crispy due nuts.

If you do not have a thermometer, check the mass of honey and glucose mass by pouring through a bit of in a bowl of cold water. If it feels quite solid, your mass is ready to be processed further in a nougat.

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