Sz 11

Cheese buns

Fantastic soup based bread. Full and row of taste, soft inside and crispy outside.

Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 60 minutes .. Baking 10 minutes


  • witte bloem
  • in plaats van water gebruik romige preisoep
  • 200 g geraspte kaas
  • 5 g witte peper
  • 5 g zout


For use in the dough, instead of water a creamy leek soup. The sandwiches are really delicious taste. Use less salt because the soup contains them all. If you will use a creamy soup will you still have to admit some more moisture. I have experience that adding 1 cup of water is sufficient.

After proofing, the dough mixing in 150 grams of cheese. The rest of the cheese mix together with 5 g of white pepper and salt. Weigh out of the dough pieces of from about 35 g – 50 g and roll into balls. Press this equally flat in the cheese and place on greased baking sheet with cloth and plastic film on it.

Let rise 60 minutes. Bake after proofing, 10 minutes at 220°C (hot air oven -20°C). Let them cool after baking on the roster. You can also freeze them now.

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