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Balcan Cevapcici

Cevapcici is spiced mince meat from the Balcan but very easy to make.

Preparation time 40 minutes


  • 600-700 g gemengd gehakt
  • 1 el zoete rode paprikapoeder
  • 1 el mosterd
  • 1-2 teentjes knoflook
  • bloem
  • 2 uien
  • Mycryo or oil
  • 1 ei
  • zout en peper


Mix the mincemeat add egg, finely chopped onion, pressed garlic, salt and all the spices. Mix well with your hands.

Then shape with wet hands from the meat shorter sausages as thick as a thumb. Roll them trough the flour and stir-fry slowly in hot oil. If you don’t want to use oil, roll sausages in Mycryo and stir-fry slowly in hot dry pan.

Serve with mustard, onions wheels and mashed potatoes.

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