Tryouts ®

Our original, genuine en purely invented POVVI recipes. Here are published also recipes we have got from master chefs during reportages with them.


Croquettes out of Salad ®

I made a little too much of my Proteïnesla and my husband could no longer handle it. As I did …

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Curcuma ravioli à la faulty Bolognese ®

Another recipe from Desperate housewife kitchen. We call these ravioli à la faulty Bolognese because they contain all the ingredients …

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Fruity Marble Cake ®

Marble cake made of apricots and raspberries. YUMMY! Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 40-50 minutes

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Gooseberry Blues ®

Did you ever tried a bavarois of gooseberry and elderflower? If not, then you should do it. A delightful combination …

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Almond buns ®

Fantastic and soft as feather buns in the almond coat. Preparation 75 minutes .. Rising 30 minutes .. Baking 10 …

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FarzAli ®

A delightful discovery of rich flavors layer after layer. A real temptation when you go with your spoon through all …

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Winter Salad with duck and bacon ®

How to feed two people with one little piece of duck fillet? I tried this way and it is delicious, …

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Cranberry pie with compote ®

After Martin’s apple slice I had some dough over. So I decided to create a new tartlet. The result is …

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Ravioli verde with quail ®

Delicious, light, spinach ravioli with original quail filling and yummy, spicy porcini sauce. Such recipe you can find only on …

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Habemus crustum ®

As usually, on the day of my birthday, most of the restaurants are still closed. You would think, that’s a …

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White chocolate & Black currant ganache ®

Fantastic ganache for cakes and pastries. Vibrant color, delicious, fresh flavour and without any additives. Preparation time 25 minutes .. …

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Protected: Black currant Joconda ®

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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