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Our blog was originally created as purely private blog for our family and friends. But over time, watching us and encourages so many people from all over the world, that we decided to make most of the information accessible to anyone who comes in good faith, with the intention to inspire, delight the eye and soul and perhaps even tummy in a time, or just learn something new about our city​​, various activities, people and surroundings. That’s why our recipes are translated for a moment into the three languages: Dutch, Slovak and English. Just click on an abbreviation of the language under the name of the recipe and read everything in your own language.

Mostly it’s me who is cooking and baking here, but don’t get confused – I’m not a graduating, professional chef or baker or graduated on specialty bakery or cooking classes. I am an ordinary wife and mother, as probably most of you, and cooking and baking I considered for many years incredible waste of time. This unfair look at kitchen works were been healed due the love of my husband and son and their wonderful support and encouragement me in the kitchen. A POVVI is the evidence of fact, that nothing is impossible for those who believe and want, even they’re like me: not “experienced sailor” in the kitchen.

All texts, articles as well as pictures on this blog are original and belong to authors (copyright) of POVVI.

Therefore any reproduction of the contents, even partial, or pictures, graphic installation of this website without the express written permission of the copyright holders, as reported. Some photographs on this blog are the property of Bernard Proot and were published with his kind permission as well as reproduction of recipes of pastry Chef Roger Van Damme.

All other pictures were taken originally by us and therefore are considered our intellectual property.

We do not mind to cooperate or share our recipes or pictures with anyone interested to reproduce and or publish our recipes on their sites, blogs or others but not without our express written permission.
In this case do not hesitate to contact us.

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