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As the name suggests, we will show you in this section various ideas of decorations and creative trifles.


Cross Pouch ®

Another gift for my little niece with great fashion appetite. This time a chic cross pouch in golden color. Material …

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L’Ortho d’Ox Pompadour

We started with a new, luxury series of play/decorative dolls: L’Ortho d’Ox. Pompadour is dressed in gold; is 50 cm …

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Repainted tray

Two years ago I bought a very cheap metal tray. But it was black and having a look of being …

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I was thinking of an original gift for my niece. I have never met her in person, because she lives …

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Decorative pillows

One of the most grateful decorations are definitely the decorative pillows. Made from different materials, in different styles and thickness. …

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Handbags & accessories

  After upholstering a sofa I had some material left. So I decided to make handbags. The result you can …

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Reupholstering of the seat

Some time ago we bought a Tullsta seat in Ikea. In white. But white gets easily dirty, so we decided to …

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100% Handmade Quilt ®

I’m crazy about original things that are not so easy to be made and therefore just fascinating and attractive to …

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Replacement of silicone

Less than a year after our move we already noticed, that it will not take long till the silicone will …

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